This page is dedicated to show the progress in the development of (including history of, the original project).

Date Changes
2015-05-26 Added an unit conversion tool to switch between different length and temperature units. Available here: Services » Unit conversion
2015-04-03 With launch of English language translation is completed.
2014-09-10 New design, better algorithms, clear structures and simplified usability. Maps are included. Next: Development of some toolboxes and translation to English, Spanish and French languages.
2013-09-29 Distances can be calculated by using current location and destination address. Next: Including map functions.
2013-08-20 Recent road works are:
  • Distance calculation based on current user location and on destination address
  • Translation to other languages
Due to exams it will take some time to do those things.
2013-07-29 Current user location can be used for calculation.
2013-07-23 Launch of Only coordinates can be used for calculation so far.

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